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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 18, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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do? ted cruz will be here. his solution. and then, dick cheney, whether security is what's at issue here. and whether we botched it. here and only here. see you monday. hello everyone i'm dana perino alo peri perino. it's 5:00 in new york. we're already laughing, this is the five. donald trump was supposed to be speaking at an event in south carolina this hour. where ten of his opponents are gathered. he pulled out last minute citing a business deal he need edto attend to. it would have been his first appearance since a new controversy erupted for not correcting this supporter of his yesterday. >> we have a problem in this country it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not an american. birth certificate, man. but, anyway, we have training
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camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid -- >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that. a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there l. we'll be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> trump did not respond to the man's claim that president obama is a muslim who is not american. he's getting plenty of push back for it. here was the white house earlier today. >> mr. trump isn't the first republican politician to countenance these kinds of views in order to win votes. in fact, that's precisely what every republican presidential candidate is dy decline to denounce mr. trump's cynical strategy. >> actually, this republican candidate denounced trump earlier. >> i'm not going to lecture him about what to do. i'll tell you what i would do. i would not have permitted that if somebody brought that up at a town hall of mine. i said before we answer let's clear things up. you have an obligation as a
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leader to do that. >> trump says the media wants to make this about obama. the bigger issue is that obama is waging a war against christians in this country. christians need support in this country. their religious liberty is at stake. there's a lot to cover here. let's start with the protester, greg you had a sublsggestion, t could have took care of this at the debate. >> they would have asked a question and trump would have prepared answered it. he should have seen this coming. i am not a conspiracy theorist. that guy's voice was like if a forwarded e-mail had a voice that would be a voice. everything was missing about jade headm. i swear jimmy kimmel is behind this. >> howard stern. >> look when joe the plumber approached president obama when he was running, within five
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minutes you knew who he was. we have no idea who this guy s. he just disappeared. having said that, that doesn't make trump's response okay. those are two separate stories. trump should have been prepared and been able to answer it. he didn't. that's his problem. on the other hand, this is so fishy. it's a fishy thing. who is behind it? i don't know. >> the other thing is, eric, the pulling out of the forum. this is a big forum in south carolina. it's happening as we speak. he was expected to be there. i was watching some of it earlier a good time for them to have longer time to answer questions. he pulls out last minute. is that going to pass the smell test? >> well, who knows. maybe it is. maybe it's not. lindsey graham is not going to be there either. for whatever reason he didn't want to show up. it may be he felt he was going to be attacked by nine other candidates again. he went through that once this week. i'm not making excuses.
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i don't think it was a horrible response. i mean, he says -- >> you thought it was a good one? >> he said he didn't hear the whole question. that's what he's saying. >> it was a horrible response. >> if you heard it and you chose not to say anything about it, i guess it could be deemed horrible. his camp said he didn't hear the full question or the full comment. >> go ahead geraldo. >> my problem with it is, when trump started, you know we love the guy, when he started like the tea party when that started, there was a fringe element there, very, very hard right, racist, you know -- >> hey -- >> i'm talking about a very small fringe within the -- let me finish. you didn't even let me put one sentence together. there was a fringe that he had to marginalize. now he has college educated people supporting him, women supporting him. because of that background --
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more importantly and more relevant to this discussion, because of trump's own involvement as the architect of the birther movement as one of the principle -- >> no. >> hillary is the architect -- >> but that birther -- that whole birther bs was incumbent on donald trump to cut that guy off at the knees immediately. say, listen, he's not a muslim. he's a christian. he was born in this country. next question. i think he had to deal with it. >> the other thing kimberly that he says in his statement -- i guess he's been trying to turn it around. donald trump says obama is waging a war against christians in this country. i thought that was like the harshest thing i've heard about obama. i don't think it's fair. but it was pretty aggressive. as a. >> announcer:. >> there's a lot of people who does feel there has been unfair treatment of christians.
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there's been statements that the president has made that has been cause for alarm when he's addressed groups and the way he's talked about christians and the holy wars and all of that. liking it to what some of these radical terrorists have done about religious extremism showing the parallel between the two t. as far as trump's concerned, i think that seems like a complete plant. it was a set up. it -- >> it's almost comical the way it was delivered. >> he had a chance to correct it and handle it. he could have said don't say that about the president of the united states. he said my question is -- then he answered the question. you've got to be so on your a game every second at this point. when you're a frontrunner, this goes to show you you've got to be on top of it. >> i'm not sure it was a plant. if you actually -- you've seen -- >> whether it was or wasn't -- >> the online support for donald
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trump and the whole movement all of that stuff this is repeating things you see online all the time. >> these things can't be true but be different. it could be -- whether it's a plant or not, it was -- he had to be able to respond to it. why was he incapable? he got comfortable around people who agree with him. he's a pundit, there's no need for policy. he doesn't feel uncomfortable to denigrate a fan. he was up there more as a pundit than when john mccain was with the elderly woman. this is a microcosm of how we deal with our fringe elements on the left or right. we are scared to shut them up. even though at times we encourage them. hillary started the birther movement. we have people who have voiced similar sentiments. and changed their minds.
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and changed their minds. trump had a moment there to say, i once believed this, having done more research, i changed my mind. >> exactly. >> he lacked the guard rails of criticism. there aren't people -- >> isn't that what is putting him in first place? it's warts and all. >> you got to go after the warts. >> why would you cancel your opportunity -- i thought that's what everyone loved about him? >> half hour today, eric trump said nothing about a plant. a eric trump said his dad, who he adores, he thinks that his dad handled it fairly well in dismissing it. that was eric trump's take on it at 11:30 today. i'm saying they have no allegations it was plant. when i said howard stern that was a joke. it's not a plant. it's a guy who likes donald trump. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter if someone thought that, believed it,
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showed up and voiced it or somebody that came in to try to get a got you thing with him and get him in trouble. regardless, you address it in the same way. you handle it, correct the statement and move on and answer the last part of the question. >> we've mentioned hillary clinton a couple of times. she is the author of the birther movement at the last election 2008 when she was running for president. here is what she said today. >> he knew or he should have known what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue. and he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric. that level of hatefulness. i think it's prejudice and discriminatory. it comes out of the same unfortunate reservoir of hateful rhetoric that we've seen too much of. >> back in 2008, one of her campaign circulated this anonymous e-mail questions president obama's citizenship. i'll read it to you.
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barack obama's mother was living in kenya with his father. she was not allowed to travel there. and his mother took him to hawaii. i understand the white house wanting to go after the republicans. >> she birthed the birther movement? >> i think so. >> it's like who pushed the video who pushed the birther -- >> were you at the white house correspondents dinner in 2011 when meyer blasted trump and obama made fun of trump's birther movement. he goteni angry. he excoriated seth meyers. trump was sufficiently aware of how raw this misguided position was. he must have addressed it. why he is not out there today saying that this is bs, that christians are under attack. >> poverty is 15% nft country.
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we have isis beheading people. refugees swarming borders everywhere maybe even this border and we're all doing 15 minutes on whether or not trump heard a ridiculous question or not. >> come on, this entire summer has been something like that. >> you want me to talk about trump every day. >> and one of the great stunts is to say -- >> you know -- >> i hate this issue. and here's what i think about it. >> i have to tell you, it's not an insult to be a muslim. that's what i don't understand. how dare you say that about obama he's a muslim. it's not an insult. >> there are no camps in america there was a man in tennessee who was plotting to blow up a muslim community. there are no muslim communities. >> there are sleeper cells, do you like those better? >> all right. i think we've beaten that horse.
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>> do it more. >> i'm against beating horses. >> return to another candidate in the forefront of the gop race, carly fiorina. later it's facebook friday. post your questions later on our page. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown!
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♪ before wednesday night's debate, carly fiorina said a lot of americans still didn't know her name. i bet that's changed. >> do you know what a leader does? they challenge the status quo. i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating. its legs kicking. women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. unlike mrs. clinton i know that flying is an activity. it is not an accomplishment. having met vladmir putin, i wouldn't talk to him at all. what i would do immediately is begin rebuilding the fleet. vladmir putin would get the message. >> there you go. carly. all right, here's carly following the debate. >> this was a huge opportunity for me to continue to introduce myself to the american people. and what i'm finding honestly is
2:17 pm
if people hear, and see me and understand who i am and what i would do they tend to be supportive. >> one wall street journal columnist is comparing carly fiorina to margaret thatcher. how can she seize on the momentum following her performance? dana you were sending this article around. it's fascinating. >> as you know i send articles in the morning. i actually wait for like, half an hour so i don't wake you up in case you have ding ding things. >> which you know i have on my phone. >> the columnist you're talking about that compared her to margaret thatcher is kim strauser. it was sgleexcellent. she -- i think in the column she said this is why it's difficult for kbaany woman running for office, particularly republican
2:18 pm
women at this level and how there are barriers you have to clear. she was able to do that on wednesday night. i saw right before we came out that her poll numbers are way up and in new hampshire she's now number one. >> i mean, it's remarkable. we're going to see what happens. we're starting to see some of the real results coming in that are taking the debate performances, you know, into account. geraldo, you like her? >> i like her full throated condemnation of the planned parenthood of the videos. i thought in terms if you are a right to life person, that was the most impassioned and eloquent opposition to partial birth abortion or whatever that was that she was describing. i have ever heard. it was impossible to ignore that. i also thought that her well-versed foreign policy stuff was good as well. i also -- in fairness, thought that trump cut a lot of the wind out of her sails when he brought up her business record at hp and the layoffs.
2:19 pm
i think she will -- as she did when she was running for senate in california, as you recall. i think she'll have a difficult time overcoming her track record in business. it's been very rocky. there are tens of thousands of laid off hp workers there who -- i already saw a couple of them surfacing. >> that's going to happen. she's going to have to deal with it. in the wake of this kind of immense popularity and a lot of people just saying what a great job she did. >> thinking about what she talks about her rise at hp from secretary all the way up to ceo. she does have a lot of hurdles. she has issues with the performance at hp and trump pointed out -- i didn't even know about lucent. he pointed that out. listen, i'm not bashing carly. there's something else she needs to get out in fron else does on. when it's the stage moment, it becomes bigger than life. it's -- at hp they did some
2:20 pm
dealings that went through a middle man that ended up in iran. if she can somehow work through all those things. i think she can be in the top three. i think it will be in a very short term i think she can move into third or fourth place after trump and ben carson. >> you know, she's shooting for the top of the ticket. make no mistake. how do you see it? do you think she was in any way hurt by the allegations? >> not at all. consider who is accusing her of her business dealings. i call her a cardless carly. everybody is playing a card except her. she's not playing her gender. she's not talking about her identity. she's relegating victim status to the morgue because she's saying she's so confident in herself. she doesn't have to lead with the woman factor. it makes hillary seem kind of old in the sense of the 1970's
2:21 pm
old. i am woman hear me roar. it's so irrelevant these days. what i find interesting is she got the mainstream media to finally cover the planned parenthood videos. and the reason why they're covering the planned parenthood videos is not because they're gruesome and horrifying and exposed the human soul, is that they're covering it because they claim she made an error. her mistake, which was -- described literally happened. it was a living baby writhing in pain before death. they're saying that was not part of the actual video. she described it aptly. the great thing -- >> they say it's a miscarriage. >> it was a baby torn from the womb. but her mistake warrants discussion of baby dismemberment. but the videos of baby dismemberment do not warrant discussion among the mainstream media. that shows you how morally
2:22 pm
bankrupt and disgusting our media is. it takes the mistake of a republican candidate to get you to face something so awful that's going on in this world. it's amazing. that's why this is a special candidate. >> watch you started to see, women that support hillary clinton putting out there that she scares me. >> yes, of course. >> nobody's going to look at that video. you got to look at that video and see the baby. you've got to ask yourself what kind of world do you want to live in when you look at that baby. do you want to be part of a world that's okay with that. i don't care if you're a left winger, right winger, cif you aren't sick to your stomach when you see that -- >> you're getting a little far a afield on huh sow she did. >> i did a survey on my radio show which syncs up with a larger poll.
2:23 pm
in our survey. carv carly is at 25%. everybody else is single digits. trump is double her. time magazine, they all have trump over 50%. carly in the mid20s and everybody else in single digits. >> calling out planned parenthood is like the dr. frankenstein of family planning. it was a standout from the debate. that's fearless. she's courageous. still to come, facebook friday. up next one of the nfl's biggest stars takes on the black lives matter movement. richard sherman coming up. ♪
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richard sherman is sounding off again. this time on the black lives matter movement. >> as a black man i do understand that black lives matter. i also think that there's a way to go about things. and there's a way to do things. i think the issue at hand needs to be addressed internally before we move on. deal with a best friend getting killed and it was two 35-year-old black men. there wasn't any police officer involved. i didn't hear anybody shouting black lives matter then. if they matter they should matter all the time. >> the grammy award winning rapper walee is chiming in. >> it starts with us. it's easy to blame other people for stuff like that and point the finger. black lives should matter to black lives. i want us to realize we have got within ourselves and love ourselves more is really like -- should be the first objective as far as understanding the whole
2:29 pm
black lives thing. >> all right. the black african-american community pushing back because they don't want to be involved in the black lives matter movement. >> good for them. good for them. stand up for what's right. they know it's ridiculous. the truth of the matter is they're more in danger from black on black crime than a police officer that you call to help you when you're in danger in your own community. everybody wants a cop then, believe me. ft the cops weren't there, the communities would be worse. there would be more lives lost. and so i applaud them. because they're in positions of influence to be able to say something like this. they're not like, cowering in the corner afraid of the politically correct saying you're making a statement. that's racist. i'm so -- so refreshing. >> geraldo? >> i criticized kendrick lamar, another rapper who opened the bet awards show with an on stage
2:30 pm
re-creation of a video, very much i thought promoting violence against cops. he had a guy on top of a police cruiser. lamar said when we don't have respect for ourselves how do we expect them to respect us. it starts from within. there is the beginning now of a countermovement. i saw a black board, a black businessman in tennessee. black lives matter that's why we should stop killing each other. it will get traction. i think the black lives matter will come to include the -- in terms of number the much more serious problem of black on black crime. >> so is there a point for black lives matter? is there -- what's the purpose? >> well, i think one of the things that is of a concern, remember, if you go back to ferguson, missouri, and the hands up don't shoot which was proven in the investigation to be based on a lie, i think that -- i love what these guys
2:31 pm
are saying now. it would have been helpful to try to get ahead of the movement and say something back then. i think that the group is expressing grievances, but they're not asking for anything specific. even when the democratic committee gets together and passes a resolution endorsing what the group says they're worried about and the group walks away and says it's not good enough. i don't know what else can be done. >> is there a purpose? i'm still trying to figure it out. >> every movement has legitimate caring people in it just as flakes. we did an a block on trump where we talked about how there's great people who like trump and also flakes. with the black lived movement it so happens their flakes oftentimes preach death. that's scary when you hear them talking about dead cop and claiming their joking. the fact is, i think what i'm -- would gain from this topic is everybody has to reject group think. whether they're on the right and
2:32 pm
they like trump, or whether they're in black lives matter. everybody -- nobody has to -- we don't all have to think the same. you don't alienate people by putting them in boxes. there are people who think -- people who like country music are white hillbillies and people who think if they listen to rap they must be thugs. it's neither. thugging is age and not race related. it's young men who are bad. who commit the bad things. it's not black or white. if you look at people like hip hop stars or rap stars, puffy combs or kanye west, they have more in common with the capitalistic values that you would find in the republican. that's what you're seeing profootball players and entertainers saying individual responsibility values like that matter. >> that's what young african-american kids should be looking up to, successful people. athletes, rap stars instead of black lives matter -- >> nuclear scientists.
2:33 pm
>> let me ask you, does this have legs, this movement? >> i'm so glad you asked me that, eric. although we have made the point that by in terms of numbers the serious problem in the community is young black men. that does not deny the reality that many black mothers fear p cops as much as they feel crooks. too many black men are killed by authority figures. it is by far a much smaller problem than the problem of black people killing black people. we can't ignore it. that's where black lives matter orridgeinated. ferguson was based on a lie. trayvon martin, in those circumstances, maybe all of us if we were like zimmerman would have shot the kid on that rainy night. i don't know, all i do know too many black kids get shot. i say it a million times.
2:34 pm
don't bum bard me with your cards and letters, the biggest problem is young black men killing other young black men. >> there will be no letters. >> there will be a lot of e-mails. >> yeah. still ahead, facebook friday, but next, new developments on the syrian refugee crisis coming up. ♪ uals great rates. uals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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2:39 pm
order people settled around the twin cities in minnesota. but some did not stay there between 2008 and 2013, as many as 40 somali young men left the united states to go back to africa and asia to join the terror network al shabaab. now there are pretty reliable reports that isis is also recruiting among that population in the twin cities. i'm not the only one with concerns. >> i don't, obviously, put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate operatives among these refugees. so that is a huge concern of ours. >> we're a compassionate nation, we've got to fully vet the individuals we would take in. >> from a national security standpoint, i take isis at its word when they said in their own words that we'll use and exploit the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west. that concerns me. >> you know, we see the refugee
2:40 pm
crisis and these desperate people flying aeeing and had br our hearts. how do we help? >> we have an obligation. we have to do so with responsibility. that doesn't weaken our own position here on our shores of our national security. i mean be smart about it. why wouldn't you want to take them at their word, when they tell you they were going to exploit the opportunity. >> what are we going to do? >> you have to really screen people. you can't just -- once they're in, they're in. as you mentioned in minnesota, this isn't just like speculat e speculative. there are serious intel reports about tremendous recruiting in that area. you know people have gone to al shabaab. isis will use this opportunity too. we're going to say when this turns out poorly we should have known better and we had the warning and didn't do anything. >> germany has taken half a million. >> i disagree with you. there's no way to really screen these people.
2:41 pm
all the politicians are on tv are saying on both sides of the aisle we need to take them in. we have to make sure -- we don't know. >> i'm not saying take anybody unless we know. >> geraldo points out that they're either radicalized here or there first and coming back on our soil is a fool's mistake. two other refugees, chechens from the boston marathon bombers also refugees. there's a solution to it. be humanitarian with the dollar, not with the land. >> we're not saying something different. >> do you remember ship of fools, the jewish ship of refugees from europe? they came to this country. they were rejected. they weren't allowed to land. they went back to europe and died. where does our conscious lead us? >> i think we keep talking about the wrong thing. which is diplomacy shouldn't -- president obama susan rice and samantha power and those two are
2:42 pm
experts. very well versed in refugee issues having dwelt with becath. we're talking about 10,000. agreed of course there would have to be some sort of surveillance. we should be focused on solving the problem at the source. do you think they want to leave their homes? no. do you think they want to crowd into the buses. absolutely not. they want to take care of their families. they're fleeing because they're being attacked with chemical weapons by their own leader and we did nothing then. we should be held accountable for that. >> well said. isn't the solution to end the civil war in syria, shouldn't we be on russia's side? >> do you know what? i have to say because obama has left the building, he's chasing climate change. he's made putin's the policemen.
2:43 pm
he makes us choose between putin assad and isis. the least damaging of the three is vladmir. if he can actually fix it t fine. that's what happens when you decide to forfeit your place as the world's policemen. there should only be one and it should be us. >> smart people at the table. stay where you are. facebook friday is next. ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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♪ yeah, it's facebook friday. i got your questions. we got the answers. kimberly, keep it together. first question from vicky h. who would be your dream interview. you don't say me. >> trust me. but you know what, you actually -- i love winston churchill. and you said the ghost of winston churchill. can you imagine a better interview than winston churchill? >> it would be great. >> i'm not kidding you, i think it would be fantastic. i would love to ask him his viewpoints and isis and the syrian refugee and about the vacuum of leadership that has been created by the united states right now. >> the vacuum of leadership. >> the first extraterrestrial or elvis. >> i thought you were going to
2:48 pm
be al capone. who was in there? >> oh, my god. >> and el chapo. >> el chapo. >> i think he's on the voyager. >> eric? >> dead or alive? >> yes. do you mean the band dead or alive? >> no, dead would be ronald reagan. i would love to sit down and hear his thoughts. >> i would like to interview him now -- >> of course you did -- >> wait, where is the interview. >> and living would be -- i'd like to sit down with john stewart. >> john stewart? i bet you could. >> dana? >> i don't have a show so i can't interview anyone. >> what am i chopped liver? >> i'm going to say someone i will never get to interview. >> who? >> hillary clinton. >> that's good. >> i would love to ask her some questions. in a very respectful way. >> that's actually pretty funny. i was going to say allen colmes. >> alan colmes?
2:49 pm
>> now i'm thinking about obama. the best interview i ever did. i interviewed -- my dream interview i did which was a leper, a guy with leprosy. 10, 15 years ago. >> did he catch -- >> no, what a great guy. he caught it from armadillo feces. >> doesn't everybody. >> that was really good. >> great question, we'll go this way, dana, which candidate would you choose to run their campaign and why? >> meaning i would run their campaign? >> yes. >> i don't want to run the campaign. this is the question? out of the candidates we have? >> pick a candidate. >> i don't know. whoever runs against corbyn in the uk. >> that's a switchy answer. >> i would love to help mr. trump out with his wall. many times we've talked about there is a way to get mexico to pay for the wall. it took me 30 seconds to do it here.
2:50 pm
it would work. >> did he get back to you? >> no. >> it would take 30 seconds for mexico to sell it. >> it would cost more for them to traps port it to japan. >> i would like to represent trump as his spokesman. >> you could use the money for whatever you want. >> lunning a campaign is hard. definitely jeb i'm a establishment rhino. >> all right. next one. trump needs the most help. i go on the show every day
2:51 pm
giving him he? >> where is he? john p asks, what is your worst -- this is interesting. what is your worst bad habit? eric? don't say i care too much. >> no, no. >> i know what it is. i can't say what some of them are. >> you can say whatever. >> vodka. >> it could be -- my worst bad habit. yeah. maybe if i go out and have a couple of cocktails i don't stop when i should stop perhaps. >> as long as you don't drive. >> i don't drive. >> geraldo? >> i stay up too late and i have a morning job. >> you stay up too late and you tweet yourself half naked. you left out the best part. >> i also combine staying up too late with eric's problem. >> and the tweeting problem. >> put them all together. >> nice. >> kimberly? >> probably staying up too late
2:52 pm
and then waking up and then not really sleeping and then checking my e-mails and reading dana's articles she sends. and then being exhausted. it's a vicious circle. >> checking twitter too much. >> yeah, that's bad. >> you both do that. >> i just pick up the phone. twitter is my -- the phone is my cigarette. >> there you go. >> i keep picking it up. >> that sound like a country and western song. >> that is a great line. >> i'm going going to nashville. >> my worst bad habit is? >> there's a lot. >> worst bad. that means it's actually a good habit. the worst bad habit, i go to the gym and i work out every morning. that's my worst bad habit. >> boring. >> when you're going to write a question -- you just screwed it up. >> facebook friday. >> up next.
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly.
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thing. something you have been waiting for. greg's one more thing. >> yea. all right, my new book is coming out "how to be right" basically how to teach you to be per situationively correct discussing various issues. out in a month. of course where there's a book there's a bus. i'll be going everywhere. i'lling going to new york? that doesn't make sense. indiana, michigan, texas, ohio,
2:57 pm
kentucky, pennsylvania, back to texas. then i'll be doing the reagan library and nixon library. if you buy my book you'll also get bumper stickers. >> look at this. >> i'm like bill o'reilley. >> should do the clinton library, too. >> i should. you just don't want to be alone in the stats for that. >> i was there for the opening. >> go to >> way to take that. >> okay. this is one of my happiest days ever. it is national cheeseburger day. i've been looking forward to this all day. i started to alreadiate my prop and i'm going to finish it. this is how you help celebrate with me. you go to your favorite local eatery, wherever your favorite burger place is. order a cheeseburger, down is, enjoy it, maybe have a bloody mary with extra olives on the side. while i feast on this i'm going to be on with greg gutfeld saturday night, baby. 10:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. it's going to be amazing.
2:58 pm
i'm predicting high ratings. >> take a bite of cheeseburger. >> good point. >> it's on saturday and sunday. it's the same show saturday and sunday. >> two shows. that's amazing. i love it. i'm going to watch that. eric you're next. >> i just snapchatted it. eb2016 to check out kimberly chowing down that burger. 12:00 tonight hosting o'reilly factor. we're going to talk about planned parenthood whether they should shut down the government to defund it or not. trump and more. >> i don't have anything to promote but i have something about a dog. okay. this is fee bphoebe. 4-year-old bassett hound from vashon island washington. this is her best friend tilly a 11-year-old setter who went every day. she would sit with her and go to try to find help. a nonprofit animal rescue organization called vashon
2:59 pm
island pet protectors posted photos. they actually found -- tilly was able to get help. and now everybody is reunited. >> this is staged. >> i don't think it's staged. it's a really true story. >> i'm kidding. >> don't you think it's great? >> a sweet story. very sweet. >> thank you. there was no tape there. >> of course. >> i wasn't there. geraldo, you're up. >> i got plenty of tape. people say that donald trump doesn't have any foreign policy cred. but he really does. i've known him for decades as now you know. in 2000 there was talk of him running for president as a democrat. i interviewed him in 2005. and this is six years before we pull out. six years before he pulled now 2005. >> let's see what happens in iraq. when we leave iraq how long do you think you're going to see a democratic state? do you think it's going to stay that way? >> i don't know. >> we're going to find out. >> he knew then it would go to hell in a hand basket.
3:00 pm
>> where do you keep all this old tape? >> al capone's vault. >> in el chapo's tunnel. don't miss an episode of this show "the five" have a great weekend, everybody. "special report" is next. the campaign trail in both parties buzzing today. not about something said by one candidate but by something not said. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. conservatives today have gathered in the south's first primary state to hear from many of the republican candidates at a presidential forum. however, one contender is noticeably a no-show. donald trump's campaign said the billionary had to deal with a pressing business issue on new york. on the campaign trail both parties are reacting to a trump town hall in new hampshire thursday night. we have


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